Today and tomorrow, many folks remember those who have passed before us. It’s an encouraging gratitude exercise. Here’s mine: 

Mrs. Beeman, R.I.P., my next-door neighbor during my grammar school years, taught me how to slant all my cursive writing in one direction.  Seeing a sample of my penmanship, she exclaimed to my mother, “Eleanor, send John over. I need to teach him how to write!” 

Suddenly, I’m at Mrs. Beeman’s kitchen table writing circles and loops as a sentence line–all in one direction! That’s it. One lesson and it worked!  My cursive slants the same direction to this day! 

Yes, I felt scared and in trouble, and Mrs. Beeman did little to comfort me. But, she improved my writing in one fell swoop–with a few circles and loops!

And, yes! We can change, sometimes we just need a person who cares enough to help us!

Respects sent out to Mrs. Beeman of Redding, California.

Who do you want to pay-your-respects to today? I’d love to read about it. Please reply and write.