The polar bear sat down at the bar and the bartender asked, “What’ll ya have?”

“I’ll have a scotch…………………………and soda.” responded the bear.

“Sure,” said the bartender, “but, may I ask, why the big pause”

The polar bear raised up his two front feet, looked at them and laughed, “I don’t know.  I’ve always had ’em.”

Okay. Okay.  That’s no worse that the three legged dog that walked into the bar and said, “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.”

Anyway, pause is good.

It’s the big skill we humans have going for us in relationships and decision-making.

Rather than reacting, going off half-cocked, or having a knee-jerk reaction to something we can pause and respond.


Self-control comes from learning to use the pause to respond rather than react.

The pause may only be three seconds or it may be three years.  It’s just good to understand the power of slowing down enough to listen well in your desicion-making times.

Email me about your “pause” victory, if you have time.