Ethos has to do with ethics, values, and thinking.  (See yesterday’s blog)

Pathos has to do with emotion, feelings, and music.   The music in Nordstrom (live piano) and Target (recorded) has the same purpose — to soothe you into staying a while…and buying.

You can have great thinking and lousy music.   We’ve all known those who are knowledgeable and apparently right and at the same time are harsh and arrogant.   Truthful but mean.   Bad music.  Makes you want to leave their store quickly!

Or, you can have great music and lousy values.   Like the sugary-sweet, polite, nice-to-your-face  person who has no ethical substance at all.  Nice music but not trustworthy.   Nothing to invest in…just leave the store…again.

The ancient Greeks asserted that good communicators have both Ethos and Pathos.   Truth and Love.   Thoughts and feelings.  Great  values and attractive music.

What’s playing in your store?

Tomorrow: Logos

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