Ever since the San Francisco Giants moved into their new stadium, AT&T Park, back in 2000 I’ve been talking about going to a game.  Then, around 3 PM last Thursday the thought came “You can make it to the game tonight and the season is almost over.”

So I just up went “out to the ball game!’

The last Giants game I attended was in 1961.  Perhaps that makes visiting the new stadium within the first ten years of its life a rather quick action on my part!

And what a great night to attend!  The Giants made 10 runs, won the game, and moved into first place in the National League West division!  I’d like to think that my finally showing up helped with all that!  lol!

Why did I wait so long?

Here’s my list of possible reasons:

A.) I wasn’t sure I was, or wanted to be, that much of a fan.

B.) It takes too much time, money, and effort to just do it!

C.) Television is easier.

D.) I may lose some sleep (see B)

E.) all of the above.”

I am learning more about avoiding the perfectionistic head-noise that stops me and  just getting stuff done.  Who cares if it’s the last minute, you’re going alone, and you have a bunch of other stuff to do (always!)?

So I did it and now I can watch the game on TV and say I’ve been there and I get it!

Two steps to victory (on or off the field)!

1. Let it go!  Let those—reasonable, practical, nagging, little—noises that stop you go!

2. Just do it!  Like Nike says!

And they should know since Nike is the Greek word for victory!