Thank you, Calvin and Hobbs!

We had fun learning to overcome writer’s block in Business Writing class recently. We took steps to how to get the random words and ideas in our heads our on paper and convert them into a work of art.

First, we did free-writing about apples. Many of us liked the flow of free-writing.

Next, we tried mind-mapping about apples. Others in our Business Writing class praised the freedom that mind-mapping gave them to come up with lots of ideas about apples.  

After that, we pondered the contents of the two pages of our wild and crazy free-writings and mind-mappings. We marked with our pens three or four topics about apples from either page.

Then, we numbered the same three or four chosen topics. This indicated the order of how we would use them in an article about apples.

Finally, we discovered transitional words that describe the order of our three or four ideas. Transition words are like street signs; they mark the pathway to read through our articles about apples. (By the way, notice the transitional words used above in this blog post. They are: First, Next, After that, Then, and Finally.)

The participants like experiencing the chaos-to-order that happens as we go through these methodical stages of starting from a blank page and creating something-out-of-nothing!  Next time you are stuck, try a writing-starter like free-writing or mind-mapping or both. You’ll have more fun and enjoy a more creative result.

Best re-Arghs,
John Parker, your Professional Development Adventure Guide

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