Open locked doors! 

The key? Listening.

See how well you listen by asking:

  • Am I interrupting?
  • Am I planning what I want to say instead of staying with what they are saying?
  • Am I annoyed because they are talking? (too slowly? quickly? loudly? quietly?) )  
  • Am I interacting
    With questions: “Do you mean this?” “Is that what you’re thinking?”
    And statements: “Uh-huh.” “Yes.” “I can hear that.” “Oh.”
  • How is my body language? Facial expression? Eye contact? Posture?
  • How is my tone of voice? Kind? Caring? Curt? Condescending?

Listening is difficult work, but the payoffs are huge.

Regarding listening: What gets in the way of your listening?  Please click reply and let me know. I’ll try to listen.