Perfection fosters procrastination.  We dream. Then, as we think about putting feet-t0-our-dreams, the dark cloud of perfection reminds us that there is no use in even starting since it won’t be perfect anyway.

And starting is exactly how to begin! Step right into that gloomy fog of procrastination.

Start with a tiny step that takes 60 seconds or less. Then see what happens.

My tiny step tonight was to open this blog-post page and to start typing. Even as I decided to do that, the theme I’m writing about came to mind. And I’m almost finished! And I’m having fun, even though the whole article got erased half-way in. By then I was “rolling down the highway, looking for adventure.”

Check out B.J. Fogg’s for more on getting your dream started—again.

“Onward through the fog!” — wrote Robert Crumb, the “Keep on Truckin'” cartoonist of the 60s!

Join me in the fog! That’s where the treasures are!

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Even if they’re foggy, I’ll have fun figuring them out! Like you do mine!