It was foggy the night I flew into the small-town airport . That could be scary enough. Adding the dark of night to the scene could have added more fear. Oh, and flying in a big metal airliner that weighs tons, could have weighed me down even more with even anxious uncertainty over the incredibility of such an activity.

Thankfully, believing that there were a couple of professional pilots for whom fog, darkness, and uncertainty had been normalized comforted me during the illogical landing. I noticed that no other passengers seemed alarmed either. Some even slept!

I want what those pilots have! Each one is a non-anxious presence in the midst of what others may deem deadly chaos and impossible adversity. Ultimately, they bring comfort, hope, and inspiration.

As R. Crumb wrote, “Onward, through the fog.” And, I will add, “Others need us to believe in the midst of the mysteries of life.”

How about you? How are you piloting, fogging, and believing? Who needs your non-anxious presence in the midst of chaos? Please comment for our community below or email me for confidentiality.