shake on itNo Fuzzy Agreements!  Trust is built on keeping your agreements and doing what you say.

If you make a agreement clean up the fuzzy, blurry, vague part of it or disappointment may follow.

Here are four steps for keeping your agreements clear and clean.

  1. Seek Win-Win: If it’s not good for both, or all, parties it will probably not be kept.
  2. Ask: “Is it Keep-able?”  What good is a promise if one or both sides can’t keep or do it.
  3. Update ASAP: If your promise isn’t going to be kept notify the other party ASAP. Don’t wait.
    For example, if you are going to be late for the meeting let the other party know now, not later. If you made a bad agreement in the first place either, keep it anyway, or, talk it over with the other party ASAP to update or cancel the original agreement.
  4. Repair ASAP: Have you failed to keep the agreement? Run, don’t walk! Contact the other party in an appropriate way as soon as you realize what you’ve done. Take the blame. Apologize.  Most people will be merciful, but whether they are or not, own your mistake. You will gain self-respect even while you are angry with yourself for messing up.Again, most people are merciful when they see you are humble.