My father, Mickey Parker, (1921-1997)  grew 14 inches his freshmen year of high school.

The Upside:  he wasn’t picked on as the shortest kid in class anymore.

The  Downside:  he needed all new clothes.

The cadet program at Dad’s school issued uniforms to its members. This was during the depression when money was scarce.  Plus, Dad came from a broken home, was farmed out to his grandparents, and fended a lot for himself.

Dad told me he joined the cadets so he could have clothes to wear.  How resourceful!

As person of influence you will have growth spurts too.  You may receive a promotion or, more the case these days, you may be called upon to take on new work that you’ve never done before in order to keep the boat afloat.

Such “growth” may mean a new set of “clothes.”  These garments come in the form of new attitudes, outlooks, and behaviors.  Without them we end up bound up or baggied out!

Like my father back in the day, we may have to scramble to find something to wear.

We may look for relational clothes to help our communication, facilitating, or coaching skills.

We may invest in humility clothes to deal with our not so exhilarating reassignment.

Perhaps we’ll want some sturdy boots to help us keep our sealegs. (I couldn’t resist! Argh!)

The important questions:

Have you outgrown your old work styles?

Do you need “clothes” that fit your new assignment?

Is it time to go shopping?