Sometimes we the want our teacher to simply listen. We really would like them to thoughtfully acknowledge or even kindly appreciate our idea, rather than teaching us yet another helpful thing from their vast reservoir of knowledge.

Teaching implies that the teacher knows and the student doesn’t. It is good for teachers and leaders to monitor their Teaching-to-Listening (or Mouth-to-Ears) Ratio and, try to recklessly error on the Listening side.

Short responses like—“Oh.” Or, “That’s interesting.” Or, Thank you for sharing that with me.”—work well.

How about you? Do you wish others listened to you better? Or, are you aware when you’ve offered more advice, ideas, and insights than they actually asked for?

As a teaching person who has crossed the above line many times, I am aware that I am teaching right now. So, thank you for listening. I mega-appreciate it! Now I will begin watching for your reply and practice listening to your comments. ARGH!