In 1966 I bought my 1930 Model A Ford for $115!  It was beat up but it ran and had a rumble seat!

I replaced the bent-up fenders, got the ah-oo0-gah horn working, chromed the windshield frame, and got new cushions for the rumble seat among other things!

The factory installed gas gauge worked by a rod attached to a cork that floated inside the gas tank.  That was possible because the tank was right behind the instrument panel on the dashboard. In fact, it was the dashboard! Safety first!

In this 1969 Bullard Knights, Fresno, California, high school yearbook picture “I was just 17. You know what I mean?”   That’s me sitting in front on the ground. I was thrilled that my classmates had piled on and in my jalopy and that we made it into the yearbook!