I’ve been telling about  “Marcia, Incorporated” in my Sealegs LifeShops!

I read about Marcia Loughry in the book, “The World is Flat”  by Tom Friendman,
c.2007 (pp. 294-297)

Friedman dubs Loughry a “gold medal Olympic adapter” because of her ability to adapt herself to the next job opportunity within  the company that employs her.  She keeps learning and adapting because every job she’s done so far has been automated or out-sourced to another country.  She stays just a rung or two ahead on the ladder!

In all the adapting and repackaging of herself Loughry realized one day that even as an employee within the company where she worked she was actually, Marcia, Incorporated!   As Marcia, Inc. she understands that, like any business, she is totally responsible for her learning, growth, marketing, and success.

After telling this story I ask LifeShop participants to introduce themselves to the person next to them using their own first name and Inc.  They laugh and go to it.

They get it because they work at “Fast Changing World, Inc.”  just like the rest of us.

So, why not start your own corporation today?

YOUR NEW BUSINESS EXERCISE:  Just write your name and, Inc. on a piece of paper, like I did (see above).  Now take a long look at your new company sign, let it sink in, then begin giving the great service that only a business like yours can do!

The company that employs you today will love the new zeal and responsiveness you bring into their enterprise!

Your lifelong employability quotient will rise too!