Golden Arches over a building?   Hamburgers within! 

No other words are needed to explain that.  The logo says it all.

The first time I saw the Nike Swoosh (1971) I thought   “Who will get it?” 

The ultimate answer?  “Everyone!”

A logo is a word.  It’s  just not spelled out.  

Logo comes from the Greek word,  logos, which means “a word”. 

The ancient Greeks taught that  your Ethos (your mind) your Pathos (your heart) and your Logos (your words) are vitally connected.

 If our ethos (thinking)  is ethical and our pathos (heart) is aware then our logos (words) will come out well.

Investing  in Ethos and Pathos will help our Logos!  

Betting on Spoken Words (logos) without investing in the underlying substance of Ethos and Pathos may actually cause more problems.