Less rules less wrath.

Are you angry?

It’s probably because a rule has been broken…yours or someone else’s that you think is important.

And have you noticed how good we are good at making up rules and laws?

We can even have rules about not having rules!

Bill: “I’m angry that you have so many rules!”

Bob: “Well, I’m angry that you don’t.”

Some anger is good.  Especially if the rule is good.

Some anger is bad. Especially if the rule is bad.

Anger is good if it protects and defends good.

Anger unresolved however can lead to may other problems regarding our integrity and our well-being.

I just googled “anger and health”  and saw that unresolved anger may be connected to hyper-tension, coronary heart disease, and a weak immune system!

Sometimes seemingly righteous judgment, wrath, and anger isn’t—even though it feels righteous at the time.  Such reactionary righteousness may seem very UN-righteous, right after the supposedly righteous words or actions have been carried out.

Less rules and laws—expectations, criteria, requirements, regualtions, opinions, borders, boundaries, shoulds, oughts, and musts—-less anger and wrath.

Any self-made laws and regulations you’d like to let go of today?

Dump a few and enjoy.

Finally, I think it’s NOT—

No rules no wrath,


Less rules less wrath.

Less is more.