“Just Start” The Passion Planner Motto

Projects can beat us up. They get too big. We get tired.

The “Just Start” sticker (photo above) came with my 2019 Passion Planner. I stuck it on the window frame right in front of me at my desk. Then, after a few days, I forgot it.

Sometime later, I was on a conference call and someone talked about just starting. I thought, I know I have a sticker like that somewhere. Well, thank goodness it wasn’t a snake…

It’s true, Just Start is the key. On a project, it’s more like a Fresh Start (I’ve seen that somewhere too. Is it Orange Juice?) because Just Start has daily activation power!

I meant to Just Start this blog on New Year’s Day. Oops! I missed the sticker that was right in front of me.

But, hey, today’s not too late to write about a great project tip from Darren Handy’s book, The Compound Effect. He said something like, it’s not enough to make a plan; the key to success is tracking that plan.

Tracking! Brilliant!

Tracking is effectively helping me get my awesome online business writing course up and running. I now track the hours I spend on this latest “big” project. Then, I share my weekly progress and next-step plan with my fellow entrepreneur, Rob. Now, I’m staying with my project and gaining hope every day.

Tracking! Yes!

Darren Hardy has cool and free planning worksheets available at www.thecompoundeffect.com/free

MY 2020 tip: Track it! Just Start!

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Best re-Arghs,
Cap’n John

John Parker
Merced, California