I like the Johari (Joe & Harry came up with it) Window.

Here’s what the website that has this cool graphic says:

    • Arena — Known to self and others: This is what we communicate to others. It is what the communication process is all about.

Facade — Known to self, but unknown to others: This is what we conceal from others. Sometimes there is a good reason for holding something back, e.g. gossiping. At other times it might be bad for the communication process; e.g. holding something back because it gives us a false sense of security.

Blind Spot — Unknown to self, but known to others: Sometimes we communicate something we are unaware of. For example, I might say, “I’m not angry,” while slamming my fist on the table.

Unknown — Unknown to neither self not others.

Now my thoughts!  Tah-dah!

In spite of my Facades, Blind Spots, and Unknowns I courageously step into the Arena to write this! (applause welcome here)

The Facade can keep us comfortable in clubs, worship places,  businesses, organizations, and families where presentation and appearances love to be important.   Facade covers up along with its first cousin Hypocrisy.   Looking good (or bad, or normal) becomes everything!

The Blind Spot (Can anyone say, plural? As in Spots! )   These are the most comfortable.   Who really wants to know about these?  Light and exposure are not always welcome.   At least at first.  Later most of us are glad for our increased maturity resulting from some sunny exposure.

The Unknown — Ignorance is bliss.  At least as long as we are.     Also, some may have enough faith to believe that they have someone who knows them better than they know themselves and has their best interest at heart.  That can provide hope.

The Arena —  Thankfully, Facades, Blind Spots, and Unknowns can all serve to help us to be in  enough Denial that we at least start talking and listening a bit.  If we didn’t have them we might never come out into the Arena and give communication a whirl at all!   The risk is worth it!   Our crazy courage can go viral!  Where’s your next Arena?