5-things-jazz-can-teach-us-about-job-successI’m continuing to JazzUp my Success Coaching experience for you and others in 2014.

Perhaps you want to JazzUp your life and work  this year too.

As I was reading about jazz I came across a fun article:

5 Things Jazz Can Teach Us About Job Success by Donna Sapolin

Here are her five main points:

1. Figure out what your story is and consistently ignite others with its emotional power.

2. Improvise as you go, but don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal.

3. Share the limelight and let others shine.

4. Take breaks in the midst of the action.

5. Give yourself fully to the task at hand and find the fun.

Aren’t those great insights? I’m so glad Donna played her music and took the risk to JazzUp our lives with her writing.

We’ve already got the music within us too.  So let’s  JazzUp what we’ve got and have a great year bringing success  others and enjoying it ourselves!

Bah-dah-beep-bop-do-bee-bop-bop-bop…oh yeah!