No doubt connecting with people on social media is an essential small business marketing strategy. It’s free and can reach lots of people.

Now, imagine a room full of people enjoying themselves while standing around and visiting in small groups. Suddenly, a new person loudly enters the area—interrupting the groups, taking over conversations, and challenging people to buy their new product.

Wait! Let’s replay that scene.

This time, imagine a room full of people enjoying themselves, standing around and visiting in small groups. Now imagine a new person quietly entering the room, looking around at the groups and sense which one to join. The visitor approaches the edge of the group listening and observing. They appear to empathize with the existing conversation through their body language and facial participation. Eventually, someone in the group notices them and invites them to participate. The new person contributes a pertinent comment and earns some trust; this leads to further participation opportunities.

Some say the second scenario is more akin to healthy social media marketing. What do you think? Please leave your comment below or click replay to write me directly and confidentially, if you prefer. I’d love to hear from you either way.

Best re-Arghs,
Cap’n John

John Parker,
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Merced, California

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