To get or to give? That is the question.

What do I get?  What do I give?

It’s so easy to slip into the first side: What do I get? What’s in it for me? When will my ship come in?

There can be a sense of neediness,  anxiety, demandingness, selfishness, greed, poverty, scarcity, and fear in those questions.

Ironically, we may set up disappointment when asking them because they focus on perceived lack.

But what if we truly lack nothing?  Or, at least, believe we lack nothing.

Then we can ask wealth-based generous questions like:

What can I give? How can I help? What can I contribute?

Sometimes in class I ask participants to write down their answer to this question:

“What are you going to contribute to our event today?” *

You can feel the room shift. Startled, puzzled looks at first. Followed soon by lights going on, eager writing, and joyful sharing.

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Regarding whatever you’re facing…what’s Your Answer to that question? “What are you going to contribute to the event you are in today?”  Click Here to Reply! Thanks!

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*I discovered this great question in the book “Community: a Structure for Belonging” by Peter Block