Most of us have heard someone speaking in tongues, not at a religous meeting mind you, but at work.

It happens in a hurried or heated meeting.

It happens when a customer is trying to explain why they are upset to one of the staff.

It happens when a staff member is not trying very hard to help a customer.

Known langauge goes out the window.

Someone is trying to say something but they are not being understood.   Frustration ensues.

This is a job for the interpreter!

If you are one of those you are of great value in your organization, team, or family.

You are able to hear between the lines.  You can can hear through what is being said and discern what someone is trying to say.

You take the alphabet soup and find the letters that spell  S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

You have three ears to hear:

  1. What they are saying.
  2. What they are feeling.
  3. What they would like to say.

As you help people connect for success your success will connect you to more success.

Leaders are looking for translators like you to make sense of the soup.





Now they are not literally speaking in tongues or even in another language. The interpreter is the person who can translate