Independence! What a parade!

Conceived in secret, resulting in dependency—no choices and infinite chances.

Coming out—crying our first “barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

Cheering the child toward codependency—use only a No. 2 pencil; fill-in the bubble.

Clamoring out with clear-confusing teenage independence—shouting (or scoring on the SAT) a second  “barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

Crashing to the ground with Humpty, or to the bottom of those “Don’t go chasing Waterfalls” with TLC—while striving for independence.

Conforming, in resignation, to the codependency—reluctantly amazed at the previous “greatest generation” which we tried to flee.

Crashing again—humiliating? Yes, but building humility, wisdom, and even, love.

Considering the pathos and passion and finding a way where there seems to be no way—listening, humbling, reconsidering, embracing without enmeshment toward interdependence.

Connecting. Learning to love—the one, the other, and the self. Loving others as we learn to love ourselves. Making room. Flexible. Listening and knowing that the treasure is fully accessible—for love and freedom.

Celebrating a true independence—inter-dependent, respectful, and built on love.