“I’m not very good at what I do,” said Nicholas, the hotel restaurant waitperson.

“That’s good to know. I’ll keep my expectations low,” I countered.

“Good idea!” He responded, as all three or four of the diners, scattered around the restaurant, laughed.

“Really, it’s true,” he continued. “I’m just covering for a friend.”  More laughs.

Of course, Nicholas did a great job beyond just serving food. He got all of us engaged in his work and in our dining experience. He filled a lonely place with laughter by taking a few fun risks.

It’s a heart thing. It’s those “Nicholas moments” that we like. We would elect him to sainthood if the spot wasn’t already filled.

Heart, risk, and contribution are his secrets—along with his truly great food serving work!

Let’s do both too–to brighten up the corner where we are!