Intructional DesignI’m doing Instructional Design for an upcoming class on listening entitled: Developing Effective Listening Skills.

DO you have any ideas, stories, resources, articles, quotes, etc. that would help make my class meaningful, exciting or satisfying for participants?  They work for California Human Services.

Listening: I love the topic.

My favorite listening guy is Peter Block. In his book, Community-the Structure of Belonging, he proffers so many great questions.  Plus, the best thing he recommends is that, after you ask the question(s), be curious, even if the response seems negative.

Please email me with your ideas!

You have helped me so much in the past! Our baby is One this month: our “At Your Service” Customer Service column is one year old this month! And, you helped me pick our baby’s name! Thank you!

So, Please, now,  email me with your ideas!