Ray Bolger as Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz  who only wanted a brain
Ray Bolger as Scarecrow who wanted a brain in the Wizard of Oz

Brain speed: People think at the rate of 400 words per minute. People speak about 125 words a minute. Do you see any challenges here?

Brain side: Right brainers may be more artistic and fun but less factual. Left brainers are more factual and sensible and well…they got us to the moon.

Brain surrender: Sometimes we think we need to be right. Our brains seem to like it. Surrendering may not seem logical.

Brains are akin to computers. Our souls and spirits can take charge of our brains like we do computers. So who’s responsible for our brains and our words and our ears anyway?

My right brain helped write all this, so the facts are up for grabs. Please fact-check for me and comment below. It’s the end of the day and I’m tired and I really just want to say “Hi!” to you from inside your email inbox. “Hi!”

Thoughts from either side of your brain, or from any part of your heart, are welcome. If you are wrong, that may motivate others to comment, and we love comments. Plus, we will balance each other out if we are kind and respectful to one another.  

Please, leave a comment below, or reply by email to me directly and confidentially with your insights or questions. Or, do both!

Arghs, me hearty!
Cap’n John