oopsSeth Godin is my favorite blogger.  His work is clear, crisp, correct and encouraging.

Shockingly, I found a grammar usage error in one of his blogs while I was reading it to my Business Writing and Grammar class.

This never happens. I was rattled. A mistake? Surely not Seth Godin!

Then, I remembered some of his other blogs where he writes stuff like: Don’t wait for perfection, when it’s at 80% ship it!

And I thought, “Good! Seth, practices what he preaches!”

Next, I recalled public speaker James Malinchak’s advice about errors:

If you’ve sent out a letter or publication with an unintentional spelling or grammar error in it, don’t crash and burn. The good news is your reader will feel smart for finding it! If they point it out that’s even better! Hurrah! They are engaging with you! Then you can humbly thank them and let them know their opinion really matters to you!

Finally, it occurred to me that Woody Allen says, “80% of success is just showing up!”

I’m so glad Seth Godin showed up with his blog, even with the error!

I shared all three of these excerpts to encourage my class to write and get their good words out to those who need them!

The risk of “shipping” means occasional mistakes. That makes us human and approachable.

Risk to infinity and beyond!


Please risk a reply with your thoughts, or, if you find any errors!