I only had 20 minutes with the team to get them refreshed and ready to roll.  So I asked them, “If you could wake up tomorrow and a miracle happened with you and your team what would it look like?”

Quickly their answers came and we jotted them down.

Next I asked, “On a 0-10 scale (10 being excellent and 0 being horrible) where are you already at on your dream coming true?”

Everyone gave a number above zero.  This almost always happens!

That’s all needed.  Whether it was a 1 or a 7 I then asked each of them,  “What has already happened to get you to the number you named?”

Every answer to that question is positive proof that they are already on the way to their miracle and success.

Finally, I asked them, “What is the next step they need to take toward their dream?” Their answers were full of hope and energy!

At the end they shared what they liked about the exercise.  One of them said, “I’m very encouraged that we could get four or five great new ideas in such a short time to spur us on!”

All this in 20 minutes with 4-5 leaders participating!   We had a blast!

Is this something you could do with your group?

If yes, then when would you like to do it?   Perhaps you could mark that date and tell someone right away who will who will help you follow through.

P.S. This article took me 20 minutes to write.  Great “get ‘er done” energy came along with me just doing it!  Yours will too!