Are you setting goals beyond your own know-how and comfort zone?

Hyundai Motors is doing very well both in America and around the world.  It is now the fifth largest carmaker in the world.

John Krafcik, an executive for Hyundai Motor America, was quoted in Automobile Magazine (article: “Hungry and Humble,” September 2010) as saying, “Now that we are doing fairly well we’re concerned about feeling satisfied and complacent. To counteract that syndrome we never set a business goal we know how to hit.”

Then he explains, “Innovation closes the gap between the goal we don’t know how to achieve when we set it and where we finally end up.”

Apparently not.  It sounds like  John Krafcik and his Hyundai buddies actually create more work for themselves by regularly setting beyond-their-own-know-how goals.   They then get creative and figure out ways to reach the goal.

And it sound like they are having fun!

How are your goals , innovation, and work doing?

Dream Big!

Work Big!

Live Big!

…and of course,

Argh! Really, Really Big!