Social capital  has to do with the quality of relationships within a community.

Peter Block touches on it in his book Community: the Structure of Belonging.   He draws from another book that goes into more depth about social capital by Robert Putnam entitled Bowling Alone.

Bowling Alone.  Just the title captures a pathos, a pain, and awkward sadness about a society that achieves, invents, and accomplishes but whose members live increasingly in relational isolation and poverty.

Putnam defines social capital as the quality of the relationships in a community and the level of cohesion that exists among its members.  He contends that location, economics, programs, history, and leadership are all trumped by whether quality relationships are occurring or not.

Putnam warns that our stock of social capital has plummeted.

How is your workplace with regards to relationships, cohesion, and community?

What is okay and what’s not?

Who do you want to relate with about this right now?

er…ah…yes, Facebook counts.  After all, it is social…media.