It’s okay to have followers. The question is why do we want them?

Do we want them for their success or for ours? Are we leading out of generosity or neediness? Are we longing for something in, or from, them that will benefit us at work, home, or some other venue?

Poor Leadership uses its followers. Out of sense of inadequacy, fear of loss, and a lust for power, control, or success it controls, intimidates, dominates, and manipulates. It uses tricks, treats, craft and gimmicks to gain and retain followers.

Good Leadership is self-aware of its tendency to use people, but really longs to set people free, help them prosper, and to be all they can be. It wrestles with questions like, “What kind of leader am I?” And, “Am I secure, afraid, needy, arrogant, or conceited in my leadership?”  It struggles as it leads. Its great desire is to encourage, equip, and empower others toward useful work and relationships.

I like business consultant Tom Peters’ quote, “Leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders.”

If you’re left thinking that Good Leadership may be a bit daunting you’re on right track.

But what if others need your Good Leadership? What then? What sacrifices will you make?