I had a great time facilitating a breakout session on Generational Diversity in Fresno today on behalf of Merced College Workplace Learning Resource Center.    We looked at the four generations currently in the workplace:

  • Matures —– Born before 1945
  • Boomers —- Born from 1945 to 1964
  • Gen Xers —- Born from 1965 to 1980
  • Millennials — Born after 1980

Research about leaders working with the younger generations has found that:

Challenged Leaders:

  • —Talked about how others generations needed to change
  • —Felt the only power they had was their positional authority
  • —Working with Millennials made them feel older
  • —Saw Millennials as an impediment to their own success

Successful Leaders:

  • —Talked about their own need to change to manage newer generations
  • —Use the power of relationship versus the power of position
  • —Working with Millennials made them feel younger
  • —Saw themselves as key to the Millennials’ success

Quite a contrast.   How are you leading?