The 100th Indianapolis 500 happens in a couple of weeks!  The three fastest drivers will start in the  first of the Indy’s eleven rows when the green flag drops!

Hostility and violence have a starting row too!    It’s at the spot where someone perceives that they have been wronged and violated!

Next their emotions come into play and shout, “Start your engines!”

Emotions, ignited by thoughts, rev and escalate!  Bitterness, gets greased by Unforgiveness, which is fueled by Resentment, and ignites Retaliation,  Wrath, and Anger.   Left untended these combustibles zoom up the red line revs of Hatred, Violence, and Murder—in thought, word or deed—all of which cause damage to one’s self and to others.

To avoid hostility we do well to tune our self-awareness instruments to the early signs before they escalate and send us into a full-blown wreck.

As we use our own inner instrument panel we may become more empathetic.  We can then proactively provide positive preventative maintanence alongside others before their emotional engines race them to off ruin!   (I may be doing that right now through this blog! )

Then, life’s great horsepower can then be used for learning, lifting, leading, loving and really living…and winning…the race!

Finally thought:   Emotions are great when they get us down the track and past the checkered flag safely!   Others will want what we’ve got when they see us moving forward with panache, power and self-control!

P.S. I’ve been thinking about this topic because in the next few weeks I will be doing no less than ten three-hour workshops on Defusing Hostility and Violence!  Let me know if you would like one for your “Brickyard!”  (i.e.,  Indy’s other nickname)