highlights.fwYes, the photo is of hair highlights.

Then there are the highlights you can use while driving.

Best of all are the highlights you can ask for at the end of a good meeting.

Just ask, “Does anyone have a highlight from today’s meeting?  In others words a takeaway, something that stood out for you, something you liked?”  If hands don’t fly up right away prime the pump with your own highlight!  Then try asking again.  If you don’t get any others let them know that at least you know you had a great time with them and move on.  .

I end lots of meetings this way and almost always get some highlights. It is a very positive way for the group to recap, remember, and honor what good things just occurred.

Two or three highlights are great and don’t be surprised if it takes off with a bunch more.

Then you will all leave the meeting happy and  celebrating. Even the grumps won’t be able to complain as much afterwards because everyone heard and can attest to the positive highlights.

Try it at the end of anything – a meeting, lunch, or the day.  Ask…listen…enjoy!  Then please email me a highlight about your highlight experiment.