community thriveHas one of your favorite local stores gone out of business?

Do you know any small-businesses owners that are struggling?

Do you want to contribute to your local community?

Would you help me gain ideas for my “At Your Service” Customer Service column for June?

The topic is:  “Special touches that will make customers want to return to your store.”

Here are three ways to contribute:

  1. Share an idea from your shopping experiences.
  2. Share any wild and crazy ideas that might be helpful.
  3. Click and Read one or more of the following online articles. The email me what idea(s) you like and why.

Article 1. Five Secrets that Encourage Return Customers

Article 2. Five Ways to Attract repeat Customers

Article 3. Seven Creative Ways to Attract Customers to Your Store

Article 4. Customer Loyalty: Repeat Business Tips and Advice

Article 5. The Secret to Getting More Repeat Customers

Please refer to the Article number 1-5 to reference the article idea, quote, or phrase you to send to me.

Thank you! Click here, or Copy my email: [email protected]