Seven Zoom Treasure-Tools of Engagement
The BIG Seven Zoom Treasure-Tools of Engagement

Join Cap’n John’s 50 Minute Cruise & help him pass the test!

Plus, capture some Zoom (Treasure) Tools of Engagement for yourself!

It’s True!

Cap’n John’s Kansas-based training company is offering him perks and kudos when he proves that he can use these Seven Zoom Tools of Engagement in a live demonstration.

Increase your Arghsomeness by joining Cap’n John’s early Monday morning sail!

Cap’s Zooming Treasure Cruise
Monday, April 11
8 AM Pacific/10 AM Central (Boarding by 7:45 AM to get our crew ship-shape ready)

Email Cap’n John (below) to let him know you are interested. He will respond ASAP!

mailto:Cap’n John


TEXT to 2095647201 and type Crew (plus your first and last name)