Coach Parker’s Awesome CTFF Leaders Cohort 2019

He-He-Bo-Mo! Everyone looked at me and each other like I was crazy, but then, it clicked. In the end-of-class evaluations, some even wrote that He-He-Bo-Mo was their highlight!

He-He-Bo-Mo: Head + Heart + Body + Mouth. Monitor these in that order before stuff comes out of your MO (mouth) that you might regret!

He-He = Head & Heart. Check your attitude, emotions, confidence, caring, authenticity 

Bo = Body Language. Face, hands, legs, and body more open than closed, relaxed, approachable 

Mo = Mouth. Check tone, pitch, speed, volume and clarity of language

Remember Goldilocks?

Aggressive = “Bed too hard!”
Passive = “Bed too soft!”
Assertive = “Bed just right!”

Here are three steps to being assertive instead of aggressive or passive.

1. Point out the behavior: “When someone I care about doesn’t respond… “
2. Explain how the behavior affects you: “I feel ignored…”
3. State what you would like: “I really like knowing you’re listening.”

My Leader-Peeps penned signs, each filled with a positive word (see photo). Please, build community by sharing your positive word or comments below and/or in daily life!

Best re-Arghs!
Cap’n John

P.S. Woweekeeflouwee! My “Business Writing, Email, and Grammar Made Simple and Strong” is being packaged and readied to go-to-market! They are greasing-the-wheels as I write this! Writing is key to great assertiveness. Hold-on my Writing Success Pen-Peeps! It won’t be long a’comin!