cornucopiaGratitude was named as a quality for excellent customer service in my class last week. And that makes great sense.

Grateful people already feel full and blessed. They are glad they have a job, or a friend, or some food, or a place to sleep. They want to give and serve. Customer service comes easily for them.

Gratitude isn’t on many  lists of customer service skills or qualities. Here are the first two lists I just found online, Ten Traits, and Fifteen Skills. Neither mentions Gratitude, however, I’m sure both authors would quickly agree that Gratitude would be great fuel and fire for fulfilling their respectively lists.

Ingratitude is subtle. A little grudge is kept. A hurt feeling goes unforgiven.  Injustice is not forgotten. Then the fuel runs out and the fire goes out.

Ingratitude flips customer service on its head. The Ungrateful, instead of serving, are angry at not being served. They feel entitled. They become demanding in thought, word, or deed.

Hey, Thanksgiving is Thursday!  Wow!  What a perfect day to refill our Gratitude tanks.

Start Filling Your Tank Here. Please Email Me about your Gratitude. I will be Grateful!