Have you witnessed these behaviors in a meeting?

  • Interrupting:  Constant interrupting and not letting others finish statement or thoughts.
  • Monopolizing: Talking so much that it is difficult for other people to say something.
  • Clowning: Distracting from the agenda or undermining others with excessive humor  and upstaging.

It was probably tough to see. The team gets hurt and hindered.

How about these discouraging behaviors?

  • Pulling rank: someone uses their status to shut down the conversation and control the outcome.  “I’m the boss and this is the way it’s going to be.”
  • Giving the Cold Shoulder:  Excluding a meeting member’s comments or presence by turning away, not looking at them, or ignoring their statement.
  • Glaring looks:  Staring daggers and giving an “I’ll get you later look.” Opposite from the Cold Shoulder.

It’s great when we become aware of these subtle, or not so subtle, ways we hurt our team.

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* from Team Building from Start Up to Performance, by Carl Harshman & Steve Phillips, 1995