Got a Sealegs Success Story?   Please send it to me!

One of my clients is part of an organization that has had to lay off a number of staff members recently due to budget cuts.  The same thing had happened to them a a year or so ago so this was a second round of downsizing.

They  told me,  “John, your LifeShop about change, chaos, and success over stress was a life saver.  Both my staff that stayed and my staff members who had to move on did much better this time around.   I directly attribute it to the tools you gave us to help us address unwanted change in positive and healthy ways.”

Wow!  That made my day!  While there’s nothing pleasant about lay-offs I was very glad that I could help up-against-it professionals to sail through their storms in more powerful, positive, and successful ways.

That’s what the Sealegs for Success Leadership Program is all about.

If you have a story of how Sealegs for Success live events and empowering insights have helped you personally or professionally I would love to hear from you.  I have some clients who are going through some very tough times right now that would greatly benefit from your input!

Please take a moment to write and send me your story.  It will help a lot.

Thanks and Argh!