The Golden Gate Bridge is stressed.  But that’s not bad.  It’s built for stress.  

It’s stressed for wind.  It can sway several feet side to side. 

It’s stressed for weight.   The arch of the roadway allows more weight to be added and flattens as the more cars come on the bridge.  

Ironically, on opening day, so many cars and people got on the bridge that it almost got stressed out on it’s first day in business!

We’re built for stress too.   That’s why we pay money to go to amusement parks, or sky dive, or take the expert run at the ski area.   We like stress.   No stress is boring. 

The key is finding the good stress and spending your time on that.   For me right now it was coming and sitting with my laptop without a clue of what I was going to write about. 

The bad stress voices kept yelling “What if you have nothing to say? What if no one reads it? What if it sounds dumb?”

My good stress began right after I sat down and put my fingers on the keyboard.  I thought of the good stress of the Golden Gate and away I went.  The creative energy flow,  satisfaction of  finishing,  and of sending this out to you were all part of my good stress.  

I’m happy and energized now!

Find your good stress opportunity today and  make it happen!   

Like the Golden Gate your good stress will help others around you get somewhere too!