Today a company leader told me that they took a personality survey that was ten pages long! Whew!

Mine’s just four shapes long!

Triangle, Square, Circle, and Squiggly.

Circle and Squiggly represent PEOPLE persons.  Triangles and  Squares are more TASK people.

Triangle and Squiggly are more extroverted (louder, more aggressive)

Circle and Square are more introverted (quieter, more passive)

Triangle – CEO –  “Do it now (i.e., yesterday)!”

Square – CPA – “Do it right.”

Circle – CSW – “Let’s just get along. Okay?”

Squiggly – CRM – “Let’s party!”

My order is Squiggly, Triangle, Square, and a dash of Circle.

Oh, and I do have a bigger survey…only two pages.  Click the on four shapes after you click here first.


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CEO = Chief Executive Officer

CPA  = Certified Public Accountant

CRM = Circus Ring Master

CSW = Clinical Social Worker