I had a great time with all of you at LA Works Client Services and Kern County Human Services CAT Call Center!  Plus I had a super time with you all way up in Susanville!  Thanks for subscribing to Sealegs!

For EVERYONE!   I have posted the Birds Personality Survey for your use and enjoyment.  Sealegs readers who have been in one of my classes may have seen and taken it already.  You may still want to retake it or share it with a friend.

Click on the birds photo to the left. That will take you to my Sealegs store.  At the bottom of that page click on the same bird Photo and a two page PDF will open.

You will probably have to print it to take it. Directions are on page one.

You may want to share it with family members.

I would be delighted to hear any feedback or questions from anyone who takes it for the first time or as a repeat.

Keep flapping and flying!