Dick_CostoloTwitter founder, Dick Costolo, challenges us:

“Figure out what you love to do, what you have conviction about, and GO DO THAT.”

Ironically, when Costolo, went and DID THAT it never quite got off the ground. He went to Chicago and worked on his dream of being a stand up comedian for five long, hand-to-mouth, years.

He even became a part of the famous improv group, Second City, then got lots of auditions, including Saturday Night Live. But he never made it big.

So he quit DOING THAT, went back to his Computer Science degree roots, and found work.  Now 20 years later he is CEO of Twitter and has earned a respectable $400 million dollars.

Maybe Costolo didn’t really quit DOING THAT. His improv serves him well in giving awesome speeches and providing inspiring leadership.

I like the first part of his advice: “Figure out what you love to do, what you have conviction about…”

With the second part, “and GO DO THAT,” a bit of improv may help us all. We can laugh at ourselves, be flexible, and watch for what good things will happen next.

“DOING THAT” has lots of merit.


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