Are you facing something new that you are not eager to do,


– tackling a new computer application?
– Facebook?
– a new job description, task, or asignment?
– Twitter?
– starting, continuing, fixing, enduring, or embracing a relationship?
– making a cold call for sales?
– LinkedIn?
– apologizing?
– recognizing your feelings, or theirs?
– facing the future?
– YouTube?
– praying?
– dealing with an issue that’s been buried a while?
– considering money, retirement, bills, debt, income, budget?
– setting a boundary and saying yes or no?

Here are some

ACTIONS to ADDRESS  hesitations you may have:

1. ADMIT  you are annoyed, afraid, angry, or anxious, then declare that these feelings are okay and normal.
2. AVOID “should-ing” on yourself with statements like:  I should… I have to… I better or else…
3. ASCERTAIN one small, doable, step toward the new action and try taking it.
4. ASK for encouragement from someone who’s done what you want to do. Sharing steps 1-3 may help them help you.
5. ACLAIM your mighty victory with a good ol’ Sealegs for Success ARGH!