“Her father was a difficult, distant man. 
Absorbed in his music and poetry,
he showed her no affection.” *

music, poetry                                                                     no affection

Isn’t music and poetry usually about easy, close, soothing, and affectionate? 
Well I guess not all of it. 

But even  rage music has it’s aficionados (Spanish for an affectionate fans)!

So the muscial poetic father was also difficult, distant, and showed no affection.

Professional person:  projects, performance, poetry, and music. 

Private person:  difficult, distant, and showing no affection.

Integrity works on bringing  the two closer together…toward easier, closer, and more affectionate.

A life long journey….with rich rewards privately, personally,  and professionally!


* the quote is about Princess Louise’  father.  Louise was the mother of Prince Albert husband of Queen Victoria.  From the book “We Two,” a biography of Victoria and Albert, by Gillian Gill,  Random House,  2009.

** Picture source.