Eu is good.


It’s not bad grammar.

And it’s not a ewe.

Eu is good.

As in:

Eulogy = Good words.

Eucharistic = Good thanks.

Eugene = Good health.

Ukulele = No wait!  That’s Hawaiian!

Eu is a Greek based prefix meaning good.

And, good stress is called


People pay big bucks to go to ride the Six Flags roller coasters or Disneyland’s Tower of Terror falling elevators in order to get eustressed!

Or they skydive!

Or ski!

Or work boldly!

You enjoy eustress when you successfully tackle a project at work; have an intense conversation that produces a big breakthrough;  or provide excellent service that brings the customer back just to say a huge, “Thank You!”

Distress = the kind of stress we mean when we say we are “Stressed out!”

Eu can help to overcome Dis.

If you’ve got some Dis going on look for some Eu.

Eu guessed it–it will be near your passion and skills.

Do some of that Eu stuff!  The Dis will diminish!