“Never give up!”

“Don’t be quitter!”

Admirable declarations.

Problem.  They can get you in trouble when it’s time to “Let go.”

Letting go applies to situations beyond our control.   If you give up on things you can do something about then you could call yourself a quitter.  Discernment is needed to know the difference.

If we are undiscerning and don’t let go of a situation beyond our control we can end up spending lots of time and energy nagging, yelling, worrying, bullying, gripping, moaning, or manipulating.  And then,  even if we get what we want, the wake we leave behind is often strewn with negative reprecussions and residue.

But if we do approproiately let go, and stop trying to force things,  better things can then happen.  This requires some faith…and humility (i.e.,  imagining that the universe can actually run without our input great input!)

Letting go.    That’s the expression the ancients Greeks used for forgiveness.

Anything, or anyone, you would do well to let go of, to forgive?

If you do let go, others, who don’t understand, may call you a quitter.

But also!

If you do let go, you may find that you have more time and energy to do the things you are actually called to do and master!  Then the universe will run better because of your great input!