I listened to James Malenchak interview Famous Dave Anderson owner of the national restaurant chain, Famous Dave’s BBQ, last night on my way down to Los Angeles.  I’m doing leadership breakthrough coaching in LA aimed at “Thriving through Times of Chaos and Change!”

Famous Dave said he’d heard this quote, “Dogs don’t chase parked cars!”

I laughed and agreed.  Then I had a leadership breakthrough thought!

I thought,   “No!  Dogs don’t chase parked cars.  It’s worse than that!  They leave their ‘mark’ on a car that’s parked!”

Canine tagging if you will!

So you’ve got a choice.

1. Go after your dream and have some struggles, some opposition running alongside barking and trying to bite your tires, or…

2. Stop, stay parked and get marked—by any dog that comes along!

What your leadership breakthrough choice going to be?

I choose #1. !

How about you?

Here’s my thinking.

With either choice negative stuff is going to try to get you.

But if you chose #1., and get going each day toward mastery and success, the dogs won’t be able to keep up!

If you choose #2.  for sure you’ll be an easy mark for any old dog that wants claim you as his own personal territory!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!