hamburger-2Good hamburgers and good business writing both get to the point.

Neither need fancy china, table cloths, silverware. Both are easy to grasp.

The hamburger’s top and bottom buns hold the ingredients together.

The business letter’s opening and closing paragraphs sandwich all the ingredients.

Try writing your next business communication like this:

Sample Goal: Writing your boss about starting Casual Dress Friday (CDF) for your staff .

Top Bun: Opening  “The sesame seed bun…”

  1.  First sentence – Bait, Lure & Hook: “Friday will be the More Money Day!”
  2. Second sentence – Now name your topic: “Causal Dress Friday is our More Money ticket to  increased productivity and increased morale, which statistics prove, lead to a better bottom line!”

The Ingredients:“bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle and special sauce!” are in the Middle paragraphs 

Paragraph one: CDF increases productivity (1-3 sentences proving this. Remember, your manager likes statistics that prove your idea.)

Paragraph two: CDF boosts morale (1-3 sentences demonstrating this.)

Paragraph three: CDF makes money (1-3 sentences supporting this.)

Bottom Bun: Closing

  1. Summarize – in one sentence (tie into the “Top bun” opening): The facts show that CDF leads to  increased productivity, increased morale, and a better bottom line!
  2. Ask for Action – in your last sentence: Going for some form of action is key. Start at the light end: “What are you thoughts?” Or, go to the heavier approach: “I will add CDF to our next leader’s meeting for discussion.” (Knowing what you boss will listen to will guide how much you ask for at each step. CDF could take a week or two years to get approved. Be patient and have a plan.)

Be sure and write!

Cap’n John