virtual_friendsI like having electronic, virtual, internet based friends.  I’m probably preaching to the choir as you probably like them too.  Thanks for subscribing!

For instance, on my birthday (please note for next year: August 15th) I received a whole bunch of happy birthday wishes on Facebook. It surprised me and it felt great…

Virtual but vibrant!

Yes, I have some real life friends too but frankly it’s difficult to have much of an on-going conversation with them when I see them in a car across the street going the other way or even if I bump into them in the grocery store.  The we say,

“I’ve missed seeing you.”

“You look the same, or different.”

“You’ve gained weight, or lost it.”

“How are your children?”


“Let’s do lunch.” = a  50% chance of that.

“We ought to do lunch.”  = a 0% chance of that.


“Nice seeing you.”  which means:

  1. It was!
  2. It wasn’t.
  3. I can hardly wait to…
    a. get on with my shopping.
    b. get out of here.
    c. tell my friends that you’ve really gained/lost weight.

Anyway, virtual friends are sometimes safer,  funnier, deeper, or shallower and we can take our time responding to them.  We can package and inspect what we’re going to say before clicking send.

Maybe I’m talking about acquaintances, instead of friends, but they are still fun and feel friendy.

Seriously, my best friends are still the ones I get to see live and in person…but I just want to shout out, “Viva la Virtuals!”

What do you think?  Please email and let me know.
I virtually enjoy hearing from you.